GYMINUTES Review: “Missing basic features” Developer Reply

GYMINUTES, received a 2-star review from a user P J Z. You can read the review in the screen shot below.

App Version: 1.2

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.41.34 PM

Developer Response:

Thanks user P J Z. First, we would like to thank you for trying out GYMINUTES. There are couple of concerns listed in review comment, so we will address them one by one.

  1. Not able to delete exercise from Workout: In GYMINUTES app, you can delete an exercise already added to workout by just sliding it to LEFT. A ‘DELETE‘ button will appear and on clicking that, a confirmation popup will be presented. On clicking “YES“, the exercise will be deleted form the workout. Here is a screen shot from the version 1.2

2. Super-set support not present: Yes, you are correct. In version 1.2 super-set support is not present. In our app description, we did not claim we had that feature. If somehow we conveyed that info, we are sorry.

But as it is important feature to you and many others, the support for super-set, tri-set, giant-set and circuits is coming in version 1.3. You can find more about that on our tutorial section.

3. Not able to create rep schema across multiple sets: Yes, you are correct. In version 1.2, we do not have that support. But as this is one of the requested features, we will try to incorporate that in future release.

4. Gyminutes vs Jefit: We have created a detailed feature-by-feature comparison sheet of GYMINUTES, JEFIT and other top workout tracking apps. It is available on our website at GYMINUTESAPP.COM 

5. Jefit is FREE: We are guessing that you are one of our early users (before v1.2).  Thanks you, thank you, thank you from bottom of our hearts for downloading the app.

When you mentioned that jefit is free, it implies that you downloaded GYMINUTES when it was a paid app. Till version 1.1, GYMINUTES was paid app. Starting v 1.2, the app is FREE to download and premium features can be bought as in-app purchase. For other readers, we would like to highlight that you only pay $4.99 one time on GYMINUTES for PREMIUM PACK whereas Jefit premium is a monthly membership of $4.99.


CLOSING COMMENTS: We truly appreciate and are grateful to P J Z for your comment. We would rather have our users try the app, and leave a review comment whether satisfied or not. This gives us opportunity to address open issues and provide high level of customer service. If you have any questions, please email us at “” or leave a comment below. 

Thanks again  P J Z 🙂

–gyminutes team