CheckPoint 2: Cardio Empty Stomach Vs Post-Workout for Maximum Fat Burn

This post is a follow up on the last two posts about the affects of doing cardio done empty stomach vs post workout for maximum weight loss. If you are interested in why we are doing and what we are doing, read here. If you want to read my last week progress on weight loss of nearly 1 lb or 0.4%, click here. Now with obligatory introduction out of the way, lets dive in.

Week 2 progress

The good news is that morning cardio is working. I am down 3.6 lbs in 2 weeks. So in week 2 (6/5-6/11), I lost about nearly 2.6 lbs or 1.5%. This is 3 times the weight loss as compared to week 1.  week 2wl Also lets compare the energy level for week 2.


As you can see that energy level is pretty consistent (~7) throughout the week. I know that the energy level of 7 is pretty low for morning workout. But in my case, it is primarily due to my evening workouts and not because of late night coding on GYMINUTES. Well may be sometimes.

As I’ve mentioned, I have been doing Madcow (review coming soon) routine for strength training. For people who are not familiar  with Madcow routine, the only thing important to know is that Madcow is usually 8 week long workout plan. You ramp-up to your 1RM till week 4 and then starting Week 5, every workout you basically try to set new Personal Records. The goal of the routine is not to reach week 8 and fail before that but with new higher PR.

I am in week 5 of Madcow Round II, so naturally I am lifting heavy. That not only drains me physically but also mentally. This is because

So I really have to visualize setting new PR before I can actually lift them. This exhaust my body and mind. And as my most evening workouts end at around 9:00 PM and morning cardio starts at 7:45 am, it doesn’t leave much time for my body to recover.

That being said, what was different in week 2 that resulted in 3 times the weight loss as compared to week 1. The only thing I can say that was different was mindset of getting cardio done. Week 1 was specially hard because I had to force myself to do cardio. I was not doing them religiously before week 1 and after I wrote the post to self test the theory on myself, I had to get committed. So w.r.t. to focus, I found week 2 was much more smooth sailing and maybe thats why I was able to do 5 cardio sessions. Also I would say that in terms of snacking,Week 2 was much more controlled. And as I step into week 3, I am getting more cautious with every food item I eat.

Now do I believe that 2 weeks of data is enough for deriving a conclusion on our theory and move onto phase II i.e. doing cardio post workout? I don’t think 2 weeks is enough. This is because of 2 main reasons

  1. Not enough data to map energy level to cardio in morning.
  2. As I head deeper into madcow routine, post workout exhaustion is extreme. I am not sure if I will be able to do any cardio after my workout.

So instead of trying to go to phase II and screwing the experiment by not doing the cardio, I am going to do another week of morning cardio. Once I have week 3 data in, I will then decide if I am ready to move to phase II of the experiment.

On side note, I think I will include cardio tracking in GYMINUTES in future release. I thought that fitbit would be able to track it better but the data is so distributed that I have to jump between apps to get the whole picture. If you would cardio tracking to be part of GYMINUTES, do let me know.

Till then. Happy lifting.