Hermit Crabbing to overcome Lifting Plateau

Hermit crabs are known for changing shell once they outgrow them. They trade up for a bigger shell once they can’t fit in their old shell anymore. But this move to a new shell requires leaving the safety of their current shell. Thats when they are most exposed and vulnerable. The crabs know, that a bigger shell is better after they make the excruciating and scary journey. The bigger shell will have more space for them grow bigger. However, there also exist some anorexic crabs that doesn’t eat, so it doesn’t get big, and therefore does not have to leave the safety of current shell.


With lifting weights, we can relate ourself to that hermit crab. As we keep on increasing weight on the bar, we are moving to a newer bigger shell. However, when we hit a wall or a plateau or get bored or lose drive, we become an anorexic crab. We limit ourself so we don’t grow. Then we look for external excuses to blame. But in truth, we are actually scared of the excruciating and scary journey to newer heavier weight. The DOMS that follows. The though of failing with heavy weight, the thought of getting injured etc limits us from growing.


Here’s the thing: next time you get stuck, think of a hermit crab. Look around your shell to see whats causing you the anorexia and deal with it. If its hitting a wall, take a break from lifting, meditate and re-focus. If its a plateau, looks for accessory exercise to make secondary and tertiary muscle strong. If its boredom, change workout or if lack of drive, then set a goal.

At the end of the day, its about becoming the biggest baddest Hermit crab with the strongest shell.