Down to Earth after setting PR in Outer space

Beating powerlifters or bodybuilders at max PR is easy. Take them to Jupiter and ask them to set a PR. Then head over to the moon and annihilate them. With Jupiter gravity being 2.5 times that of Earth, their PR will be significantly low. While the gravity on Moon is 1/3 of Earth so any thing set on Jupiter or even earth is like lifting peanuts.

But as most of us are not astronauts and are stuck on earth, we need to face the reality. When we are not focussed or tired or had a bad day, our mind often teleports us to Jupiter. Every weight feels heavy.

It is our mistake to evaluate our effort in this mental state. Instead of thinking “I lifted poorly on Jupiter”, think “I lifted on Jupiter.”

Next time your mind is stuck on Jupiter during workouts, give yourself some slack. Embrace the Jupiter and cruise through instead of crawling away.

Pro Tip: Take a shuttle from Jupiter to Moon. Pick lightweight. Feel good and forget. Come back down to Earth and focus on next workout.