Most Flexible Warmup Calculator created ever

Warmup Calculator has been one of the most request features by our beloved users. Of course we had to build it. But the challenge was how to integrate neatly and most important, make is handy and useful. After going back and forth few times on design, we feel that the new design will be really useful for our community. Take a look at gif below.

As with any other feature on GYMINUTES, this warmup calculator is just not a dummy tool. We made it intelligent. The default working weight is automatically set to last workout max weight. For example, lets say your last workout of squat looked like:

1×5 for @ 95 lbs

1×5 for @ 135 lbs

1×5 for @ 155 lbs

1×5 for @ 205 lbs

and 1×8 for @185 lbs

When you open your warmup calculator next time, it will automatically calculate warmup sets with working weight as 205 instead of 185. This way, you warmup to you last workout max every workout.

Not only that, if you are working on setting new PR, just add 5 lbs to the bar and you are all set. Following week, the warmup calculator will automatically calculate sets for that PR.

Our warmup calculator also offer flexibility with number of warmup sets and reps. This allows you to customize the warmup calculator to best suite your workout style. We also calculate the number of plates you need to put on each side of the bar. That is shown by weight x count. For example, if total weight is 135 lbs, then it will say 45 x 1. Bar weight is implied.

We really hope you enjoy it. Please leave a feedback as comment.

As always, you can download GYMINUTES from App Store by clicking here.

Note: Warmup calculator will be available starting V2.3 of GYMINUTES.

Thanks and Happy Lifting