Welcome to our new series called Eating Smart. 
This series is going to be similar to Lifting Smart Series but with focus on nutrition. Diet is a big part of bodybuilding. Unfortunately, its one of the nosiest topics when it comes to obtaining quality information. Our goal with this series, is to clear this noise. 
In eating smart series, we will try to answer nutrition related questions in similar Q&A format. This series will be focussed on topics related to fat loss, cutting phase, dieting in general, meal restrictions, meal preference, meal timing and many more. In every post, we will include questions that we get regularly asked from our clients and users regarding nutrition. 
If you have a specific topic that you would like us to write about, please leave them in comment below or email us at
Thanks and Happy Lifting 🙂
Gyminutes Team
P.S.: All nutrition information present is our advice.